Li Lannv, from a village girl to a textile expert- Note of deputy of the 19th CPC National Congress
2017-10-11 17:04:00

Born in Xinghua of Taizhou, Li Lannv went fishing with her parents since childhood. Later she went to a textile technical school, and became a process engineer at Nantong Shuanglian Textile Company in 1999.

Soon after she started working, Li Lannv realized some problems and shortcomings in the production process, and put forth improvement suggestions. The process improved by her can save hundreds of thousands of cost for the company every year. In May 2013, the company set up the Li Lannv Textile Innovation Lab.

As the only process engineer at the company, Li Lannv is extremely rigorous about product quality. She controls every link before the equipment starts operation, sets all the technical requirements and indicators of the products, and decides what process to apply, the thickness of yarn, type of equipment and speed of machinery. To make innovations, Li Lannv never stops studying and has obtained junior college and college degree from the Nanjing University through self-study. Her more than ten technical theses, such as the Emergence and Prevention of Rubber Roll Damage and Problems in Daily Management of Yarn Quality and Improvements are published in national periodicals and praised by experts.

Having worked in textile workshop for nearly 20 years, Li Lannv has grown up from a young "village girl" to be a famous textile expert, and has won a series of honors over the years, such as deputy to the Jiangsu provincial people's congress, Excellent Young Worker of Jiangsu Province, winner of the May First medal, and deputy to the 19th CPC National Congress.


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