Deputy court chief Chen Yanping combines law, reason and feelings- Note of deputy of the 19th CPC National Congress
2017-10-10 16:12:00

In the second half of 2017, Chen Yanping, deputy chief of Jingjiang People's Court, held two new titles - member of the Wu Xie Yin Neng Ren mediation studio of Jingjiang's Chengnan office and member of the Qian Xu Ping diversified solution studio of Dongxing Office of Justice.

Chen has received a series of honors in the nearly 30 years of court work, such as Excellent Party Member, Representative Woman Pacesetter, Nomination Award of National Role Model and Top Ten Figures of the Rule of Law. She has grown from a common clerk to become an associate investigator at the Taizhou Intermediate Court, and from a common Party member to be a deputy to the 18th and 19th CPC National Congress. But regardless of the title, she is always dedicated to her work, to the people, and to defending justice and equality. Chen is a deputy to the 11th National People's Congress and of the 18th and 19th CPC National Congress. Being a grassroots judicial worker for a long time, she is good at collecting people's voices and opinions during judicial practices, pays close attention to grassroots teambuilding, and actively translates the investigation results into suggestions.

Judicial justice plays an important guiding role for social justice, but how can we give full play to such a role? In Chen’s opinion, court trial is one of the most effective and direct ways. Thanks to her advocacy and promotion, the Jingjiang Court created the circuit trial model integrating the function of trial, law promotion and redressing in 2016, and selected typical cases to hold trials in villages, communities, enterprises, campuses and crime scenes.

According to Chen, disseminating the law among the public through specific cases can give people who are never engaged in lawsuit a direct perception of lawsuit and make them stand in awe of law. Chen is an excellent mediator, and over 70 percent of the cases she has handled are either settled or withdrawn through mediation, and over 90 percent of the cases concerning marriage and family are also settled through mediation. If there is one percent of possibility for mediation, Chen Yanping would make 100 percent efforts.


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