Huai’an’s Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall to be renovated
2017-09-29 17:01:00

Cai Lixin, acting mayor of Jiangsu province’s Huai’an city, visited the memorial hall for former premier Zhou Enlai (1898 - 1976) in Huai’an district on Sept 26 to conduct a survey on the hall’s exhibit renovation and upgrades to its surroundings. Zhou Yi, member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China’s Huai’an City Committee and director of the city’s publicity department, also joined the survey.

To date, the removal of the previous exhibits at the memorial hall has been completed, and the core exhibits on Zhou Enlai’s life and achievements have been moved to a temporary exhibition hall, a duplicate of Xihua Hall in the Zhongnanhai Palace in Beijing. The design scheme for the memorial hall has been completed. Renovation work is scheduled to begin in mid-October, and will be completed by the end of January the following year, in time for the 120th anniversary of the birth of Zhou on March 5.

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