Hongze district in Huai’an leads mechanized agricultural production in northern Jiangsu
2017-09-12 16:34:00

Four self-propelled high-clearance spray-rod crop-protection spraying machines have sprayed pesticides in the vast rice fields of the Xiangfa Agricultural Machinery Cooperative at Sanhe town, Hongze district, Huai’an city, Jiangsu province.

Liang Jiaxiang, head of the operation, said the cooperative owns eight self-propelled crop-protection spraying machines, and added each machine was capable of spraying 50 mu (3.33 hectares) of rice fields per hour. This was equivalent to the manpower of 20 people, but its work performance is better than that of manpower, he said.

Since the beginning of 2017, the Hongze district has continued to upgrade its agricultural machinery and agricultural technical level. To date, the share of mechanized land plough is 99 percent, that of mechanized crop harvest 99 percent, that of crop’s local mechanized drying 72 percent, and that of mechanized processing of rice and wheat straw into fertilizer 92 percent. Because of this, it achieves the whole grain production process’s mechanized ratio of over 90 percent, which is higher than the standard for the province’s demonstrative counties by 10 percentage points and takes the lead in northern Jiangsu areas.


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