Jacanas seen in Jiangsu’s Gaoyou Lake
2017-08-11 16:43:00

With its calm temperament and beautiful feathers, the jacana is has earned the nickname “phoenix in water”. Flocks of jacanas have been spotted in gorgon fruit and water caltrop growing areas at Gaoyou Lake of Yangzhou this year.

Gaoyou Lake is a place with the largest area of wild gorgon fruits and water caltrops in Yangzhou. Not long ago, bird lovers accidentally found flocks of jacanas at Gaoyou Lake. “Dozens of jacanas have been discovered at the lake, while only three to five jacanas have been seen in other places in Yangzhou,” bird lover Wan Changnian said.

“When we found these birds, some jacana eggs had not yet hatched,” Wan said. “Therefore, it was a rare chance for us to shoot jacana eggs’ whole hatching process with cameras.”

“As the boat we were on was constantly swinging during shooting, we chose to squat on the lake bottom instead and maintained the squatting position for hours each time,” Wan explained. “Finally, we succeeded in capturing baby birds hatching after shooting for nine consecutive days."

Being migratory birds, jacanas usually stop over in Yangzhou during summer for breeding, then fly back to southern areas in autumn and live through the winter there.

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