Airport boosts Huai'an's development
2017-08-07 16:50:00

Huai’an Airport has 118 flights every week, with passenger numbers expected to exceed 1 million this year. The regional airport continues to add new routes to bring more convenience to residents and travelers.

Wang Wenjiao has been working at Huai’an Airport since it opened in 2010. She recalled that the airport only had flights to Beijing and Shanghai to begin with. In 2011, there are flights to 23 destinations and the airport has over 10 flights every day.

Since September 2010, Huai'an Airport has carried cargo and mail of express, fresh aquatic products, electronics and medicine. Its cooperation with S.F. Express and other courier companies has become increasingly close. In addition, many high-end industries have settled in Huai'an. The airport industrial park is flourishing too. With the formal opening of Class-A airport, the launch of a direct Huai'an to Taipei route and the start of the second phase of the expansion project, Huai'an Airport has become the "air bridge" for local economic development and, thus, received wide recognition and praise from the industry.

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