Huai’an develops community care service centers for the elderly living at home
2017-08-02 17:19:00

A care service center for the elderly living in their own homes in Xiaokangcheng community, Huai'an Economic & Technological Development Zone, Huai’an city, Jiangsu province, recently opened to the public.

Different from sole governmental operation in the past, the center is run by a well-known professional chain operator to provide community-based care services for the elderly living in their own homes with the financial support from the government.

A staff member from Huai’an City Civil Affairs Bureau said that compared with the institutional care service for the elderly, the community-based care service boasts the advantages of covering wide areas, complying with China’s traditional culture to look after the elderly in addition to low cost and high efficiency. Similar to chain convenience stores, different community-based care service centers may have their own brands, which can provide low costs and high level services with unified standard and management, the staff member added.

As for some problems including insufficient investment from service providers, inadequate policy guidance, low professional service level and incomplete service facilities and equipment for the elderly, the government can provide support in funding, policies, professional personnel and nursing guidance. These service providers can provide free services for senior citizens, such as books, chatting, legal rights protection, volunteer services and fitness facilities. This is in addition to services like daytime care, meal ordering and delivery, housekeeping and nursing care under the government’s supervision.

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