Maintenance man charged with theft for 'picking up' a pair of glasses
2017-07-17 17:34:00

A hospital air conditioning maintenance man in Nanjing was charged with theft after taking a pair of specialized glasses from a doctor's office.

The man, surnamed Qin, 33, said he was inspecting air conditioners in an old building at the hospital when he found a pair of unique-looking glasses in an office that was unlocked and was about to be moved. He saw the glasses and took them home, thinking his son would like them as a toy.

To his surprise, he was served with a subpoena from the police a week later. Until then he did not know he might have committed theft for “picking up” the glasses.

A doctor named Hu at the hospital reported to police on June 22 that his Google Glass was missing from his office. He said it cost 12,000 yuan ($1,771.35), due to their video function. In addition, the doctor said that he had paid more than 400 yuan for the lenses for myopia correction.

Upon reviewing surveillance videos, the police found that Qin, a Nanjing resident, was the likely suspect. Police later retrieved the glasses at Qin’s home. Qin was given a guaranteed pending trial as per law.

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