Heaviest storm in 50 years causes millions in damage
2017-07-17 17:29:00

From 8:00 am on July 9 to 06:00 am the next day, the northern part of Huai’an was hit by the heaviest rainstorm in 50 years.

The average rainfall in Huai’an was 81 millimeters with the maximum at Zhuwei village in Lianshui county being 319 mm, according to data of Jiangsu Province Hydrology and Water Resources Investigation Bureau. The storm caused flash flooding in Lianshui county and Huaiyin district of Huai’an. Statistics have shown that 120 villages in 32 towns in Huai’an have been affected by the intense storm, effecting 93,000 people. The damage bill is estimated at 87.36 million yuan ($12.85 million).

Stagnant water on farmland in Lianshui and Huaiyin has now subsided and waters along main drainage channels have returned to below warning levels.

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Source:jschina.com.cn Editor:Amanda