Yangtze River City Cluster's development potential 'unlimited'
2017-07-14 17:11:00

There is excellent infrastructure and unlimited development potential for Jiangsu province to create the Yangtze River City Cluster composed of eight cities along the river, according to a sustainable development researcher.

Chen Wen, deputy director of the Research Center of Sustainable Development at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the cluster could form a new pattern which features the reasonable division of labor, complementation and interaction of industrial roles at a broader level through internal cooperation.

The eight cities involved in the cluster boast their own advantages in the context of global industrial distribution. They are the software information service industry in Nanjing, the internet of things at Wuxi, the grapheme R&D at Changzhou, the nano technology at Suzhou, the maritime engineering equipment manufacturing at Nantong, the intelligent equipment manufacturing at Yangzhou, the aviation sector at Zhenjiang and the biochemical sector at Taizhou.

“In the new round of cross-river integration we should focus on project cooperation and adhere to the strategy of high-end industries,” Zhao Yangquan, Deputy Director of the reform and development committee of Zhenjiang Municipality, said.

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