Ehu Rose Park brings social and economic benefits to Wuxi
2017-07-14 15:53:00

Blossoms can be seen at any time in the Ehu Rose Cultural Park. [Photo/China Daily]

Ehu Rose Cultural Park is the largest rose-themed park in Wuxi and attracts a large number of visitors to experience its breathtaking scenery.

With roughly 500 species of roses spread around in the park, it is certainly an ideal place to stroll amongst the roses and enjoy some charming views of Jiangnan water town, i.e. south of the Yangtze River. What's more, a special exhibition featuring roses and over 10,000 popular science books is also available to tourists.

If looking at roses and enjoying the intoxicating fragrance is not enough, visitors can buy various rose products in the park including rose cakes, rose tea, and rose-scented cosmetic products. Visitors can also join rose-themed activities and learn how to make rose cakes and rose pottery. Editor:Hiram