Red-crowned crane fitted with 3D artificial beak
2017-07-13 16:42:00

A male red-crowned crane at Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo has received an artificial implant to fit a part of its upper beak on July 12.

The crane, named Junjun, broke its beak in fight with another male bird in 2012.

Zoo staff members were able to make the artificial implant from titanium alloy, which is light weight and abrasion resistance material, by recently adopting 3D printing technology and copying the partial shape of another red-crowned crane, with the similar beak size.

In April 2016, the zoo successfully performed its first artificial implant operation to fix the beak of a palm cockatoo. Staff members adopted 3D printing technology, and since being completed, several similar operations have successfully been carried out on parrots, including blue-and-yellow macaws.

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