Huai’an strengthens transport infrastructure construction
2017-07-12 17:02:00

Since 2017, the transportation department of Huai’an city has vigorously pushed forward transportation infrastructure construction to comply with the city’s strategy, driving its innovative development and the improvement of people’s livelihoods.

In the road aspect, the Xuyi-Minge section of the National Highway 235 has been built and put to use. The main construction works for the three arterial highways include the connecting road to Huai’an Airport of the Provincial Highway 503, which has been completed and is scheduled to open in July; and the construction of the Huai’an section of the Suzhou-Yangzhou Expressway, which has entered its final stage and will be open to the public in August.

In urban transportation aspect, the land requisition for the elevated inner-ring road construction project, based in the urban area of Huai’an city, is near completion, and construction works include elevated roads’ pillar foundations, piping and pillar cement-casting are now underway.

In the waterway aspect, the dredging work of the waterway rectification project in the estuary of the Huai River has been done, and the reconstruction work of the bridge will continue.

In the airport aspect, the works for the expansion and reconstruction of the Huai’an Airport’s second-phase terminal building, along with the construction of its flight area foundation, are near completion, and the piping network construction for the power supply, lighting and communication is currently underway.

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