Charlatan arrested by Huai'an police
2017-06-30 16:26:00

Recently the "four miracle-working doctors" that are frequently seen on TV commercials represented by Liu Hongbin are under the spotlight. Hu Zuzin, a famous "medicine commercial actor", was arrested by Huai'an police for the suspicion of false advertising. The case is under further investigation.

It is reported that Huai'an police has received calls from many residents this year complaining that they watched a health TV program aired on two channels of a local TV station and bought two kinds of medicines, allegedly for stomach disease and cerebral infarction respectively, following the hotline left by the program, but the medicines proved useless.

Huai'an police opened a case file on May 21 and formed a special team, which captured 45 people suspected of fraud in Beijing and Shenyang by June 22.

The reporter learnt that the suspect Wang and Lu registered a company in January this year and hired Hu Zuqin and Zhao Wei, two "medicine commercial actors", to shoot four programs posing as medical experts. The programs were aired on two channels of a local TV station in Jiangsu province, claiming that their products can fundamentally cure chronic stomach disease and cerebral thrombosis. Wang and Lu even set up hotline service centers in Beijing and Shenyang and hired people to pose as medical experts and answer phone calls. They sold two kinds of health food as medicine and the case involved more than 20 million yuan ($2.95 million).

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