Int'l friends give thumbs up for Jiangsu
2017-05-19 18:55:00

Hirota Ryuichiro

"Jiangsu is like my hometown. Japan and Jiangsu are similar in some ways, especially the culture and economic development,” says Hirota Ryuichiro, president of Sino-Japan Culture and Economic Exchange Association.

“We have introduced the advanced technology of animal husbandry and environmental protection to Wuxi city, which has promoted its economic development. And I expect further cooperation with Jiangsu province,” Mr. Hirota added.

Because of his contribution to the economic development of Wuxi, Mr. Hirota was rewarded “the Honorary Citizen of Wuxi” in 2012.

As the Association put more strength on the cooperation with Jiangsu province, Hirota Ryuichiro will have more opportunities to visit Jiangsu.

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