All bets are off: Man gets pens removed 36 years later
2017-05-08 17:16:00


Chunks of foreign matter were found in Mr Wang’s intestines and stomach during a physical examination on May 4.

He went to Kunshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for further examination, and it turned out that the mysterious matter was two ball pens that he swallowed after he lost a bet he made with his friend 36 years ago. The pens were successfully extracted from his body in only about 30 minutes.

Wang was 14 years old when he swallowed the two pens. However, he never felt any discomfort, and thought the two pens had been digested. The doctor explained that the two pens entered the esophagus at a parallel angle, and were also parallel to the intestinal tract after entering the first part of the small intestine. Therefore, they did not cause harm to his body or any abnormal side effects.

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