'Deadbeat' hides fine wine in wall at home
2017-05-05 16:50:00

Liangxi District People's Court in Wuxi city has offered a reward for the capture of a "deadbeat" for the first time.

In a private lending dispute, the court ordered that Feng Jun and Jiang Chenhong repay the principal and interest on a loan of 22 million yuan ($3.19 million) to Shi Xudong. The two borrowers did not perform the order. The court added them to the list of discredited persons and sealed up their property.

More than 600 bottles of fine wine, 25 dark-red enameled teapots, two designer watches, three top-end computers, and some gold and silver jewelry was found at Jiang Chenhong's residence in Yixing on April 26.

Judging by what has been sealed up and seized so far, the accused Jiang Chenhong is suspected of having the ability to pay back the money but is refusing the court's order to do so. Therefore, the court offered a reward for her capture.

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