Jiangsu Party chief sends out development signals during 'two sessions'
2017-03-14 16:49:00

In the past more than 10 days of the "two sessions", Li Qiang, Party secretary of Jiangsu province, made four speeches and gave four exclusive interviews to media organizations. He represented a strong voice from Jiangsu and sent out messages about the province's future development.

On March 7, Li talked about "big innovation" during an interview by People's Daily. He said that innovation will be emphasized in all aspects of the province's growth. Jiangsu will work to make innovation the public's common pursuance, as well as one of the province's distinctive characteristics. He talked about the concept of "big innovation" for the first time, saying the province will "make science and technology innovation a spearhead to drive comprehensive innovation, especially promoting all-round, multi-level and broad-scope big innovations in development-related concepts, institutions and mechanisms".

He talked about making people richer during an interview by Xinhuanet on March 7. Making people richer means not only increasing their incomes, but also adjusting to changes in their needs, protecting their various interests and rights and giving them a stronger sense of gain and happiness.

On the same day, during an interviewed by Procuratorial Daily, he talked about the legal support for Jiangsu's policy focus on encouraging innovation, making people richer and building a moderately prosperous society. Li said the rule of law will become an important element in sharpening Jiangsu's future core competitiveness.

On Jiangsu delegation's public day which falls on March 7, Li stressed that the province will prioritize three categories of issues, with the first being the ones that “will make people have a sense of gain”. On March 8, Li said the province will forge a sound innovation ecosystem, which will give top priority to talent introduction during an interview by Economic Daily.

In a speech during the delegation's meeting on March 9, Li said the province will take the lead in implementing a rule with regard to improving a mechanism of the National People's Congress concerning the discussion of major issues.

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