Straying peacock waiting for its owner
2016-04-29 09:32:00

A peacock stayed on the balcony of a Suzhou home for two days before police took it into custody.

A peacock landed on a balcony drying rack of an apartment building in Suzhou five days ago and pecked at the window of Wang Jianchi. The 85-year-old man thought the bird may have escaped from the nearby zoo and called the zoo.

But the zoo said they checked and found no peacock was missing. A zoo worker said the peacock could be raised by someone as a pet. He suggested that Wang do nothing and let the peacock find its own home.

The old man waited for two days but the peacock did not leave. Then, police were called in to catch the bird with a net. The peacock is now in the custody of police. Its owner can contact Shuangta Police Station at 6522-5215. Editor:Hiram