Retirees enjoy their new role as community lecturers
2015-12-18 16:15:00

Volunteer lecturers are seen in Huqiu Sub-district, telling people about Suzhou's history and traditions.

Ten retirees who live in Huqiu Sub-district formed a team of volunteer lecturers early this year to share their knowledge about the city’s history, culture and traditions and to teach people Suzhou dialect.

Huqiu authorities sponsor a number of cultural activities held in local communities. The ten volunteer lecturers are often invited to help new migrants and students appreciate the culture of their city.

In addition to giving talks, they also wrote books about Suzhou. With their effort, more children began to speak Suzhou dialect, which has been classified as an intangible cultural heritage.

Qu Cizhen, 73, a retired teacher, is an expert on the history and heritages of Huqiu and Shantang areas. She offered a community class on the history of Shantang earlier this year and received a national prize for her class. Editor:Hiram