Living in Jiangsu

This week, a freehand version of the Earthquake Escape Manual appeared in Suzhou Dagongyuan Community.[Detail]
The rail-laying work for the last section of the newly-built Lianyungang-Yancheng main railway line has been completed.[Detail]
The 2017 CBSA 9-Ball International Open will be held in Laozi Mountain, Huai'an in November.[Detail]
The local taxation authority in Jiangsu has strived to promote streamlining administration and delegating power to lower-level governments and optimizing administrative services to boost online collection and payment of social insurance charges by relying on the big data and the Internet.[Detail]
Four utility tunnels underneath Chengbei Road, Chengyang Road and Taihu New Town will be built by year end, according to the city’s authority in charge of pipeline construction and management. .[Detail]
Visitors queue to watch an exhibition on the history of Nanjing Massacre at the Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders in Nanjing , capital of east China ' s Jiangsu Province , Aug . 15 .[Detail]
A peace assembly was held Tuesday in Nanjing , capital of East China ' s Jiangsu province , to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of Japan ' s unconditional surrender in World War II .[Detail]
A smart medical service monitoring system has been installed and used in Lianshui county, Huai’an city, Jiangsu province.[Detail]
The 2017 China Yancheng National Slingshot Championship was held in Yancheng on Aug, 13. The competition attracted a total of 420 slingshot lovers all over China. [Detail]
An amazing shadow play by a Japanese art troupe was staged in the Olympic Sports Center in Nanjing , Aug 12.[Detail]
A pedestrain walks in the rain in Xuyi County of Huai ' an City , east China ' s Jiangsu Province , Aug . 14 .[Detail]
Catherine Li , associate communications manager of corporate affairs at AstraZeneca China , introduces the history and development of the company ' s Commercial Innovation Center in Wuxi New District . [ Photo/en . wiotexpo . cn ].[Detail]
An exhibition of Nanjing Massacre documents is going on at an urban community in Nanjing in celebration of the upcoming victory day of the Chinese people ' s war of resistance against Japan that falls on September 3rd .[Detail]
More than one hundred stations for BRT Line 1 and 2 in Changzhou were equipped with mobile payment facilities on Aug 10.[Detail]
The red and white "TAXI" signs are eye-catching. The main color is dark brown and the base is gray and white. Even at night time, you can't miss these taxi stops. It is also easier for passengers to wait at the new stop sites.[Detail]