Living in Jiangsu

Malaysian PhD Subee Tan, whose Chinese name is Chen Shumei, was granted Chinese 'Green card', also known as permanent residency permit on the Valentine's Day which falls on Feb 14. This is the first green card issued in Zhenjiang in 2017. [Detail]
Wander around Luzhi, taking bites of famed pastry
Haitanggao, or Chinese flowering crabapple pastry, has induced mouth-watering among visitors for generations. [Detail]
Over the past week , Wuxi residents have been filled with the warm spirit of Spring Festival and swept along in a wave of vibrant New Year joy .[Detail]
Like most Chinese festivals, food plays a big part in Chinese New Year celebrations. What isn't eaten during the seven-day Spring Festival, often ends up in the luggage of Chinese people traveling back from their hometown to the cities where they work or study.[Detail]
Fan Qihui, a cartoonist in his 80s, demonstrates his lunar New Year paintings on January 25.[Detail]
Suzhou TV News Channel will air a documentary series, "The History of Suzhou," during the Spring Festival holiday. [Detail]
The development of Wuxi ' s Metro has simultaneously lessened local traffic and improved the convenience of Jiangsu province city .[Detail]
People can also borrow e-firecrackers from community service centers in Gusu District .[Detail]
Lanterns have been set up on Xietang Old Street and will last until Feb 26 , being illuminated every evening from 5:30 p . m . to 9:30 p . m .[Detail]
The outdoor screens of the shopping malls around Xinjiekou square have been dimmed .[Detail]
The portrait painting of the famous woman poet , Liu Rushi , of the early Qing Dynasty , is the highlight of the show .[Detail]
Six young doctors of Dean Hospital in Changzhou uploaded a video clip of them performing Seve dance on Jan 7.[Detail]
Zhu Xiuhua , a wife living with her husband and son in Huai ' an , was diagnosed with preleukemia on Jul 1.[Detail]
With Spring Festival just around the corner, Shenting Jiujia is Zhouzhuang is proving a popular choice for family reunions.[Detail]
2017 Changzhou local Spring Festival gala was aired live on the afternoon of Jan 15.[Detail]