Living in Jiangsu

2017 Changzhou local Spring Festival gala was aired live on the afternoon of Jan 15.[Detail]
The small Taicang town of Shuangfeng in Jiangsu province has a deep-rooted culture of enjoying mutton dishes on particularly cold winter days .[Detail]
China ' s first blood donation hut in the theme of Journey to the West was unveiled at the Huaihai Square in Huai ' an on January 14.[Detail]
As of the Jan 1 of 2017 , there are a total of 385 centenarians , including 84 males and 301 females living in Rugao of Jiangsu , an increase of 47 people over the last year , according to the statics from office handling the elderly issues in Rugao city.[Detail]
A group of special elders performed an excellent New Year gala at the theater of Jingshan Middle School in Yancheng on the afternoon of Jan 10.[Detail]
AstraZeneca China, a multinational pharmaceutical giant, has unveiled its plan to build Wuxi into an internet of things (IoT) health demonstration zone.[Detail]
No Chinese New Year celebrations in Jiangsu province are complete without consuming a slab or two of ribs .The tangy , East China style of cooking ribs is nationally acclaimed .[Detail]
Sculptures of " A Fu , A Xi " , a famous pair of Huishan clay figurines symbolizing happiness and safety , commemorating the start of the Year of the Rooster are on sale in Wuxi ' s Huishan district to welcome the upcoming Chinese New Year .[Detail]
Suzhou Library opened two outlets in Huifeng and Xiu ' an Garden communities ? on ? Jan 10 , 2017 ? to benefit people in Suzhou New District .[Detail]
About 900 students and teachers from 13 cities in Jiangsu Province competed at Suzhou Vocational School , Suzhou Tourism and Finance Institute , and Suzhou Institute of Construction and Communications .[Detail]
Influenced by cold temperatures , trees on Huaguo mountain in Lianyungang city of Jiangsu province are covered in rime , Jan 9 , 2017 .[Detail]
Located next to the Fu ' an Bridge , Shenting Jiujia is a restaurant famous for serving dishes packed with Zhouzhuang flavors .[Detail]
Doctor Ju Weiping , who used to be an electrical engineer , came up with the idea of catching the lid in a regular condom and sliding it out in this protective , lubricated cover .[Detail]
A doctor from Lianyungang use condom to get cap from stomach of a patient on the evening of January 6.[Detail]
Su Xiu , or Suzhou embroidery , is a style of Chinese embroidery found in the areas around Suzhou , Jiangsu province , and has a history of some 2000 years .[Detail]