Living in Jiangsu

Nanjing police has busted 110 drugged driving cases in the first half of 2017. A total of 668 people were involved in drugged driving and a total of 2,341.51 gram of drugs were seized, according to Nanjing traffic administration. Drugged driving refers to the case when the person who operates a motor vehicle while his or her ability to operate such a motor vehicle is impaired by the use of a drug, or he or she is impaired by the combined influence of drugs. Drugged driving will cause great danger to traffic and therefore Nanjing police is taking a zero-tolerance policy against drugged driving. [Detail]
Nanjing’s first mobile library base was established in Jubaoshan Park in Qixia District of Nanjing on June 24. Meanwhile, a total of 60 mobile libraries were also inaugurated on the same day. Currently, Nanjing has offered 25,000 free books in 164 mobile libraries across the city. In the future, Nanjing will add 100 to 200 mobile libraries every year and the total number is expected to reach 800 within the next three years. [Detail]
The international passenger ship terminal of Lianyungang Port Group Co., Ltd successfully passed the assessment and the station was put into service, according to Jiangsu media reports on June 26. The station occupies a land and water area of 100,000 square meters and its total building area is 197,000 square meters. The station transports 480,000 passengers every year. Its main routes include two international routes: Lianyungang to Incheon and Lianyungang to Pyeongtaek of South Korea and the future Lianyungang to Dalian domestic route. The station has the capacity for other routes too. [Detail]
A Yancheng resident surnamed Chu was killed by the collapse of his house while sleeping on June 25. [Detail]
Farmers transplat different strains of rice seedlings, developed by Yangzhou University, on a 4-hectare experimental field, June 23, 2017. These farmers have assigned each strain a number and hope to determine which one produces the most yield with disease and pest resistance. [Detail]
A 300 million yuan ($44million) textile factory in Huan’an, has reached the trial production stage after the installing all the equipment. The yarn and cloth factory is owned by Minquan Textile Science and Technology and has a production area of 2,300 square meters. [Detail]
A psychological counselor in discussion with a resident of Funing county , Yancheng , Jiangsu province .CHINA DAILY A year ago , a small county in East China was devastated by a tornado that destroyed lives and homes .Now , the local people are determined to forge a new future .There is no official data about the number of children who received psychological counseling , but the picture book center received 30 children a day for two months .It ' s time to heal the wounds and not allow this event to affect our lives . ".[Detail]
A Mr. Xu of Nanjing has booked a permanent room in a hotel in Nanjing and he keeps his valuables in the safe of his hotel room. However, the safe was open not long ago and a Patek Philippe watch worth of 800,000 yuan ($117,100) was gone. Nanjing police asked hundreds of people who showed up during the hour of theft and found out that the thief is the floor manager of the hotel. [Detail]
The direct route of Huai'an to Vietnam Hanoi has been opened. The first flight of Vietnamese Airlines, No.VJ7622, landed at the Lianshui Airport, Huai'an on June 22, and it only took three hours to reach the destination. Another route from Huai’an to Da Nang, Vietnam, will soon be launched as well. [Detail]
A netizen exposed a basketball arena in Suzhou was reserved by aunts for square dancing, with the cost of 2400 yuan to use the area for two hours, on June 22.[Detail]
The modification of bridge crossing the ancient Huai River over Huaihai Road in Huai’an will soon come to the end. The construction and asphalt pavement of the bridge has been finished as of June 21, and its traffic line and pedestrian crossing markings have almost been fulfilled, with greening and landscape decoration still underway. [Detail]
But one group of migrant workers setting off on a long journey home from east China ’ s Nanjing City were spotted on a subway platform allowing hurried commuters to board first .[Detail]
Members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) service team at the Hongze District Power Supply Company in Huai’an visited destitute families on June 16, bringing along 60 goslings with the aim of help families improve their living conditions by raising and selling geese. [Detail]
A man in Ballet dress was doing live streaming in Nanjing Confucius Temple on the afternoon of June 19. He acted indecently targeting passers-by and frequently harassed women. Urban management staff came to the site but the man injured one city management officer. Later, the man was taken by police to Confucius Temple Police Station. The police are investigating the incident. [Detail]
A watermelon competition was held in Huai’an on June 19, on which a number of mega-sized watermelons were shown.[Detail]