Living in Jiangsu

The 32nd meeting of the standing committee of the 12th Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress kicked off in Nanjing on the morning of Sept 21.[Detail]
Withdrawing money from an ATM with a bank card could soon become a thing of the past thanks to the development of facial recognition technology.[Detail]
Ronnie LeBlanc, mayor of Clare, a district municipality in western Nova Scotia, Canada, led a delegation to Taicang, Jiangsu province on Sept 7 to ink a memorandum with the municipal government. [Detail]
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Chinese-American collector of cultural relics Chen Canpei donated precious artifacts of " Flying Tigers " of World War II to Nanjing on Sept 20.[Detail]
24 - year-old Li Qin , who lives in Buffalo , New York , is in an intensive care unit , relying on a variety of treatments to stay alive .[Detail]
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A man , trembling , covered in lumps and too sore to speak , was urgently sent to the rescue room of the Suzhou Science & Technology Town Hospital at dusk on Sept 19.[Detail]
Forget to bring your bank card but still want to withdraw money on the ATM machine ? Don ' t worry .[Detail]
Li Qiang , Secretary of the CPC Jiangsu Committee , met with the government delegation from Lhasa led by Bai Ma Wang Dui , Secretary of CPC Lhasa Municipal Committee , on September19.[Detail]
Nanjing Inspection and Quarantine Bureau intercepted four live ground beetles found in mail from the UK on Sept 19.[Detail]
A Chinese father has fulfilled his promise and driven his daughter all the way from China to the United States where she is to attend college , Yangtze Evening News reports .[Detail]
A few buses stopped at pedestrian crossing and waited until a team of pupils all crossed the road in front of the gate of Nanjing Pukou Foreign Language School , on the afternoon of Sept 18 ,.[Detail]
A driver working for Didi Taxi , a ride-hailing giant , recently went viral when internet users discovered his deed .[Detail]
A new stage in construction of Hutong ( Shanghai-Nantong ) Railway started recently with track-laying on the Zhangjiagang section.[Detail]
As the water level is approporiate for shipping , the Grand Canal has recently gone through a water transportation peak .[Detail]
Rescue helicopter lands on highway in Wuxi
A helicopter landed on the highway. Meanwhile, a wounded man was carried from an ambulance to the helicopter…… [Detail]