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Guo Gen , a local chef , chooses the sea food imported from Pakistan in Karamay City of northwest China ' s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region , Aug . 10 .[Detail]
China demonstrated many of its domestically developed tanks and other land-based weapons in an arms show before hundreds of foreign military officers in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Wednesday .[Detail]
China is becoming increasingly digitalized , with people , especially the youth , preferring to use mobile apps to pay for almost anything , from food to air tickets .But despite that , recent efforts by Alipay to promote cash-free living in some cities have created controversy after some participating merchants refused to accept cash , or payments made in renminbi in China ' s case .[Detail]
She said this period of crucial brain development requires a combination of the best possible nutrition , quality healthcare , trained staff members to stimulate different parts of the brain to connect and develop .[Detail]
Two disease control officials in Henan province have been punished for embezzling government subsidies paid to local HIV/AIDS carriers and forcing patients to buy drugs that were not approved by the China Food and Drug Administration.[Detail]
Several members of its production team fell victim to online attacks by Japanese right-wing nationalists .[Detail]
Xi asks college students to "take root" in society[Detail]
A peace assembly was held Tuesday in Nanjing , capital of East China ' s Jiangsu province , to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of Japan ' s unconditional surrender in World War II .[Detail]
U . S . President Donald Trump walks to his office from Marine One as he returns to the White House in Washington D . C . , the United States , on Aug . 14 .[Detail]
The first cryonics procedure in China for an entire body has taken place in Shandong province , the Yinfeng Life Science Foundation said on Monday .The object of cryonics is to prevent death by preserving sufficient cell structure and chemistry so that recovery ( including recovery of memory and personality ) remains possible by foreseeable technology , it said .[Detail]
The phone talk between President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump on Saturday has shown that the world ' s two largest economies have a common will to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula , analysts said .[Detail]
The US administration said on Saturday that US President Donald Trump will direct on Monday the US trade representative ( USTR ) to determine whether to investigate China ' s trade practices .[Detail]
A woman has been held by police on suspicion of abandoning her child by using a courier service to send the newborn to a local children's home, according to police in Fuzhou, Fujian province.[Detail]
Beijing hopes related parties will speak and behave with caution, and not follow the old path of showing aggressiveness by turns, after the recent exchange of fiery words between Pyongyang and Washing[Detail]
The abuse of heroin has been contained in China, according to a report released Friday by the China Food and Drug Administration. [Detail]