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Unlike other cities , Chongqing launched a free-floating service , dubbed Car2go , where cars can be picked and parked in almost all the major downtown public parking spaces .Timeshare rental is hence a good way to make the most of a car , " said Hou .[Detail]
A man uses his mobile phone in subway Line 4 in Beijing , Nov 13 .For jobseekers , they ' ll know different corporate cultures through such information and also see how the former employees are faring after they leave the company , " Chen said .[Detail]
China ' s capital outflow has eased , according to newly released foreign exchange sales data for the first quarter , a spokeswoman for the foreign exchange regulator said on Thursday .[Detail]
Tencent said in a statement that it had to shut down the tipping service function to comply with new rules issued by Apple . [Detail]
Shenzhen traffic police have taken the lead in their use of high technology to catch jaywalkers and drivers who break traffic rules .[Detail]
Chinese audiences and actors paid tribute to Yang Jie , the renowned director of the hit TV adaptation of Journey to the West , whose work influenced generations .[Detail]
China announced Tuesday a military reshuffle with 84 corps-level units newly adjusted or established, a move hailed by President Xi Jinping as another major step in strengthening the country's armed forces.[Detail]
Car models supporting autonomous driving and Internet-based services are bright spots at the 2017 Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition , which opened to media Wednesday .[Detail]
Around 120 black-faced spoonbills appeared at Dafeng Elk National Nature Reserve in Yancheng city of Jiangsu province on April 17, the largest number of the species found since its first discovery in the nature reserve in 2010. [Detail]
Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU) and Shanghai Center for Plant Stress Biology (PSC) under the Chinese Academy of Sciences launched the joint cultivation agreement named "Future Biologist Program" on April 18. [Detail]
This year, Beijing will roll out a “green wave band” on ten main streets to improve the city’s traffic.[Detail]
Ant Financial Services Group said on Monday it will extend its indigenous mobile payment technologies to economies along the Belt and Road Initiative and unveil a number of Alipay-like services this year. [Detail]
The US on Wednesday expressed its willingness to cooperate with its allies and China to put economic and diplomatic pressure on the Democratic People ’ s Republic of Korea ( DPRK ) , reported Reuters .” without spelling out a specific strategy .[Detail]
China is counting on an upcoming forum to build support for its Belt and Road Initiative, a Chinese solution to global economic blues.[Detail]
The 2017 Global Future Network Development Summit was held in the Future Network Town, Jiangning district, Nanjing.[Detail]