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One of the most unique and high-pitched sounds often heard in traditional Chinese music comes from the suona , an instrument one musician is trying to preserve .When the CGTN Digital team visited his home , Zhou shared some of his experiences playing the suona around the world .For this , I really want to thank my wife . ”.[Detail]
25 ice carvers from Harbin in China ' s Heilongjiang Province sculpted 136 kg blocks of colored ice into whimsical monkeys , butterflies , orchids and more to create " Ice Land : Rainforest Holiday " at Moody Gardens in Galveston .Near Houston . [Detail]
The second volume of Chinese President Xi Jinping ' s book on governance has been published in both Chinese and English , the publisher said Tuesday . [Detail]
U . S . President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson look up during a Cabinet meeting at the White House in Washington , U . S . , November 20 , / VCG Photo.[Detail]
S weapons maker , Norinco Group , said its VN18 is the world fastest amphibious assault vehicle during a CCTV report revealing the product .[Detail]
First impressions , they say , leave deep impressions .The dichotomy to deal with now therefore is this : should the local industry continue the current pattern of deploying more and more robots to perform jobs that were earlier done by human workers ? Or , given the huge domestic market .Should it cry carpe diem , seize the moment , and decisively shift its attention to becoming more capable of independent innovation ?[Detail]
Pilot program to begin in several provinces and expand in 2018 China will transfer a chunk of State financial assets to its social security funds .A program experts believe will ease the pressure of pension payments as the aging population continues to grow .The next step will be building the specific laws and regulations to manage this program and the transfer of assets , he added .[Detail]
Cai Qi , secretary of the Communist Party of China Beijing Municipal Committee , has ordered a city-wide safety check after a deadly fire killed 19 people and injured eight others .[Detail]
People visit African exhibition zone at Behring Natural History Museum in Qingdao , east China ' s Shandong Province , Nov . 19 .[Detail]
Nineteen people were killed and eight others injured in a house fire in Beijing's southern Daxing District Saturday night, local authorities said.[Detail]
Zimbabwe ' s ruling ZANU-PF party called on Friday for President Robert Mugabe to resign , the main state newspaper The Herald reported , the latest sign that the aging leader ' s authority has collapsed after an army takeover .Zimbabwe ' s President Robert Mugabe delivers a speech during a graduation ceremony at the Zimbabwe Open University in Harare , where he presides as the Chancellor on November 17.[Detail]