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The London Metropolitan Police confirmed that an acid attack has taken place Saturday evening in eastern London, injuring at least six people. [Detail]
President Xi Jinping urged China's defense industry on Friday to deepen its reform and boost innovation so it will be able to better serve the needs of military and civilian sectors.[Detail]
China's Ministry of Finance (MOF) on Friday said it was a "wrong decision" for Standard & Poor's (S&P) to cut China's sovereign credit rating. [Detail]
The National Hockey League is poised to help China push the world's fastest game into the nation's sports mainstream by 2022. [Detail]
The death toll from Tuesday's 7.1-magnitude earthquake in central Mexico has climbed to 273, the government said on Thursday.[Detail]
The chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region said that the best of Hong Kong has yet to come .She stressed that Hong Kong cannot rest on its laurels , and " there are policy decisions we need to take , many investments to make and many people to connect to in order to stay competitive " .[Detail]
President Xi Jinping has called for more systematic and innovative social governance, stressing the need to improve the capability to predict and prevent security risks.[Detail]
Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump discussed Trump&apos .[Detail]
China's crackdown on bitcoin exchanges is a sign that the top regulator no longer tolerates cryptocurrency trading in the country as it has fueled illegal fundraising and cross-border money laundering, experts told China Daily. [Detail]
The Communist Party of China (CPC) will amend its constitution at the upcoming national congress. [Detail]
With the 19th Communist Party of China National Congress approaching, politicians worldwide said they are observing with great interest and high expectation the outcome of the event, which begins Oct [Detail]
Chinese dancers perform " Love Song of Kang Ding " during the openning ceremony of the first Chinese Culture Festival in Limassol , Cyprus , on Sept . 15 .[Detail]
Representatives and guests attend the opening ceremony of the 14th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Covention at the Myanmar Covention Center ( WCEC ) in Yangon , Myanmar , Sept . 16 .The 14th WCEC kicked off here on Saturday , gathering more than 2000 overseas Chinese business leaders to discuss plan of business expansion . [Detail]
China is the wrong target for sanctions related to the Democratic People ' s Republic of Korea ( DPRK ) ' s nuclear issue , Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai said here Friday .[Detail]
President Xi Jinping said China will strive to provide the world with better products and services in a congratulatory letter to the China Quality Conference, which opened on Friday in Shanghai.[Detail]