German arrested in Mauritius for possessing 1 kg heroine
2013-06-06 17:21:00

  A German citizen coming from Madagascar was arrested at the Mauritius airport with a kg of heroine valued at 500,000 U.S. dollars, authorities disclosed on Thursday.

  This is the second time that a German citizen has been arrested in the Indian Ocean island country since May for carrying heroine from Madagascar.

  The suspect, identified as Konrad Myland, arrived at the Plaisance International Airport on Friday aboard an Air Mauritius flight from Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. He is originally from Germany but lives in Scotland.

  On May 1, another German, Alexander Reyes Torres, 44, was arrested when he landed at Plaisance airport with 1.3 kg of heroine valued at 633,000 dollars.

  The arrests of the German and some French nationals coming from Madagascar indicate that the operation mode of drug traffickers along Tana-Port-Louis route has changed, according to authorities.

  Initially, the drug traffickers used Madagascan smugglers.

  Following the recent arrests, the Mauritian police said they will seek assistance from their Madagascan counterparts to fight against drug trafficking.

Source:xinhua Editor:Cassie