'My lovely Chinese classmates'
2018-09-04 11:05:00

Relations between China and Africa are developing fast, and their close cooperation is bridging their geographical and cultural gaps.

Thanks to deepening ties between the two sides, more Africans are flocking to Chinese cities such as Guangzhou and Beijing, in search of work opportunities and a better life.

CGTN is sharing the personal stories of three Africans who call China home.

In the third episode of "We Are Friends," Ahmed Deabes from Egypt talks about the importance of forging friendships in a new environment.

They say friends are one's chosen family, and for those experiencing a new country and culture, a social safety net is synonymous with comfort and contentment.

Ahmed's circle of friends has offered him an immersive cultural experience in China. The student at Beijing Information Science and Technology University is keen on singing in Mandarin - and his friends are there to make sure he shines brightly on stage.

They work with Ahmed on the correct pronunciation of lyrics during rehearsals, and when it's show time, they're usually cheering for him from the first row.

Source:CGTN Editor:Hiram