Summer Vacation Trends: Overseas family trips gain popularity among post-80's generation
2018-07-09 11:24:00

It's July -- school's out and so is the sun. Overseas family trips are gaining increasing popularity among Chinese consumers, and players in the tourism market are capitalizing on the growing trend. Wang Qiwei has the story.

As temperatures rise, so does the desire to get away from it all.

And this summer, many parents are eyeing overseas destination with kids in tow.

9-year-old Wenwen just finished her final exams, and her mother can't wait to kick off a family adventure.

"I hope that my daughter can make good use of the knowledge learned in class, and visit the places mentioned in textbooks."

Wenwen's family is just one of many in China who take regular vacations overseas.

The increasing wealth and the broadening horizons of the country's post-80's generation have boosted the popularity of family travel.

From medieval towns to sun-kissed beaches, these Chinese are looking for new experiences for multiple generations.

And tourism companies are gearing up for the growing demand.

TANG CHEN MANAGER, CTRIP SHUANGJING STORE "We cater some of our products to the needs of customers and make a change. For example, we add may activities that are suitable for children during summer time."

Tang also says family trips account for less than 10 percent of their products in the offseason, but in summer they make up more than half.

Although the prices are higher during this period, millennial parents are willing to dig into their wallets.

For them, it's the time spent together that really matters.

Wang Qiwei, CGTN.

Source:CGTN Editor:Hiram