'ICE FLOWER' BOY: Donations pour in to help kids living in mountainous area
2018-01-11 16:00:00

A young boy in China became the country's focus as a photo of him with frosty hair and chapped hands went viral this week. Here's the story of the "Ice Flower" boy. "Ice Flower" boy.This is the nickname Wang Fuman got when his frosted look went viral on the internet. Fuman lives in a rural area in southwest China's Yunnan Province. The third-grader treks over 4 kilometers to attend school. The photo of him looking like an old man with icicles for hair first amused netizens, and then became a call for awareness and help.

On Wednesday, volunteers from the Communist Youth League of Yunnan and other organizations visited Fuman's school, as well as neighbouring ones, with donations amounting 100-thousand yuan. More are pouring in as many people and charity groups offer to help. As of Wednesday afternoon, a local youth foundation received over 260-thousand yuan in donations.

WANG FUMAN "ICE FLOWER" BOY "I'm very happy as many people are helping me, giving me so many presents."

A nationwide poverty reduction campaign has been going on in China for years. Fuman's new house was built in 2015, with a 40-thousand yuan government subsidy. He is currently living with his grandmother, as his father is working in another city. Good news is, several roads linking to that home will soon be finished.

Source:CGTN Editor:Hiram