Wartime Sex Slavery: Seoul throws shadow of concern over deal with Japan on victims
2017-12-29 15:49:00

South Korean president Moon Jae-in has voiced his concerns over a 2015 settlement on the issue of the Japanese military's use of Korean women as sex slaves during World War Two. After a review, he called the deal seriously flawed and not "emotionally" acceptable.

PARK SOO-HYUN SOUTH KOREAN PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESMAN "It was confirmed that the 2015 South Korea-Japan deal over victims of Japan's wartime sex slavery was seriously flawed in both the procedure and content. It is regrettable, but inescapable. It is very painful not only because the deal not only violated the international community's universal principles for resolving historical issues, but also because it was a political agreement excluding victims and our people. Also, the existence of a private agreement has greatly disappointed our people."

Moon's statement came a day after a state-appointed panel concluded the deal was sealed without sufficient discussions with victims beforehandand that the decades-long impasse can't be resolved under the 2015 deal. Two years ago, South Korea and Japan reached what they called at the time a "final and irreversible" agreement. Under it, Japan agreed to give 9 million U.S. dollars to South Korean sex slavery victims. Moon said he will extensively communicate with the victims and see if any change in the deal is needed.

Source:chinadaily.com.cn Editor:Hiram