Warm smiles replace words in silent beverage shop
2017-11-08 11:37:00

A special "silent" beverage shop in southwest China's Guizhou Province went viral overnight in Guiyang, the capital of the province.

The shop is located by a school for the blind and deaf-mute. On duty by turn are 20 waiters. Apart from the cashier, all the others are speech- or hearing-impaired.

"What has touched me most is their self-improvement and independent attitude toward life," said Yang Fan, the cashier and a beverage mixer.

Although they cannot communicate with the customers by speech, they wear smiles on their faces all the time.

"The drinks they make are very good," said a customer."We know they sell good drinks and that is why we come buy one, serving as a kind of love for them or an encouragement to them."

Source:CGTN Editor:Hiram