Shocking video shows truck carrying cylinders catches fire in India
2017-09-30 13:34:00

A truck carrying LPG cylinders caught fire in the Veerbhatti area, 17 kilometers from Nainital town in India on Monday.

The truck, going from Haldwani to Almora in the north Indian state of Uttarakhand, caught fire while crossing an old bridge along the highway, making the cylinders burst into flames.

However, no one was hurt as the driver and his helper jumped out of the truck immediately after the incident. And no vehicles or passersby were near the site at the time of the accident.

Senior superintendent of police, Janmejay Khanduri said: "Police had managed to bring the situation under control. Based on the preliminary investigation, it is being surmised that some technical snag in the engine of the vehicle had led to the fire."

"As the fire escalated, the cylinders began to explode one by one."

The sound of the explosion caused panic in the area with the locals coming out of their homes to see what had happened.

After the accident, the bridge damaged by the fire was closed to vehicles and traffic was diverted through an alternate route.

Source:CGTN Editor:Hiram