Shared cars to boost sharing economy
2017-09-04 11:14:00

Shared cars have become a cost-effective choice for people who are eager to make the best of the limited resources.Let’s take a close look.

The city of Huai’an has put into service its first batch of shared cars in two urban districts and the economic development zone.

Local residents can follow the formalities by using their smart phones and pay a deposit of 1000 yuan before renting a shared car for their use.

A time-based rental outlet for electric cars has rolled onto the streets in Kunshan city by EVCARD, an electric car sharing program launched by SAIC Motor Corporation Limited in 2017.

The outlet is equipped with 8 docking stands and charging stations and customers only need a card before they can go through the formalities to drive the cars.

The electric cars in the EVCARD program have a battery life for 150-km to 200-km and the hourly charge is 0.5 yuan per car with a ceiling of 6 yuan during a 24-hour period.

Shared cars are convenient for short trips and the EVCARD program has made it possible for consumers to rent a car in Shanghai and return it in places other than Shanghai.

Source:ourjiangsu Editor:Cassie