'Tea House' performed to celebrate Beijing theater's 65th anniversary
2017-06-15 10:49:00

If you want an introduction to Chinese theater, there is one play you shouldn't miss. "Tea House" is the signature piece of the Beijing People's Art Theater, and it is being performed as part of the theater’s 65th anniversary.

Back in 1958, Beijing People's Art Theater performed Tea House by acclaimed playwright and novelist Lao She for the first time. Since then, it's been staged nearly 700 times and is regarded as a milestone in Chinese theater.

Tea House is set from the late Qing Dynasty to the 1940s. It involves nearly 50 characters from all walks of life, as it sketches a panorama of Chinese society in a time of social change.

Its vivid use of the Beijing dialect makes it a wonderful introduction to the lifestyle of old Beijingers.

Actor Liang Guanhua said "first things first. We should inherit the essence of the show's legacy, then we might make slight changes. The audience is still drawn to it, I think it's mainly because the flavor of the show has never been changed."

For generations, the cream of the theater’s actors has been taking on the task of bringing the show to life. The version starring Liang Guanhua, Pu Cunxin and Yang Lixin has been popular for years, with more than 300 performances.

Tickets are still hard to get – on the first day, some fans showed up outside the box office at three in the morning.

Ren Ming, Director of Beijing People’s Art Theatre, said "Tea House is our theater's most signature piece. Honed by generations of actors, we aim to present a perfect show each time when it is staged.”

Source:CGTN Editor:Hiram