Students hold art exhibition in Shanghai bookstore
2017-06-14 09:53:00

Shanghai has put its focus on integrating culture and creative industries. Student designers are now being given more opportunities to showcase their ideas and designs to the public. In a downtown bookstore, three high school student organizations joined hands to hold an art exhibition called "Serendipity".

One of the students' designs on show. /CGTN Photo

Shu Kanghui is a grade nine student, about fifteen years old, in Shanghai, and is one of the organizers of the art exhibition inside the downtown Zhongshuge Bookstore, featuring both fashion sketches and photographs. The photos, all taken by high school students, showed the recent changes and development of Shanghai from their own perspectives.

Shu said “last year, some of our student designers held an exhibition at the Shanghai Centre. Some of the drafts have already been turned into clothes and received good comments from customers.”

Winston Lim, the curator of the exhibition and also a financial analystfrom the United Overseas Bank, said the goal of the event was to create a highly interactive, participatory and creative atmosphere that would bring visitors closer to the designs.

“We want people to take pictures of them, put them on social media, and get even more recognition. Because recognition is the energy that is going to let these students do a lot more. I wouldn't want to commercialize that too much right now, but we want people to do it purely out of inspiration, out of doing what they really like and really enjoy,” Lim said.

Source:CGTN Editor:Hiram