Chasan master with his simple mind
2017-04-18 14:23:00

Wu proficiently finished rolling, frying noodles and other processes. He said," We are cooking in a slightly different method from other stores, but in better taste". He smiled with proud.

Huai'an Chasan dates back to the late Qing Dynasty (1840 - 1911), and is widely known for its crispy quality and refreshing taste.

Chasan is a traditional Chinese food which literally means a local refreshment companying with tea in early times.

Wu's Chasan store is located at No.1 Fuma Alley, 300 meters away from northwestern corner of Zhenhuailou in Huai'an. As the fourth successor of Chasan, 43-year-old Wu Fengshun and his wife live and work in this less than 10 sqm place.

Wu gets up at 5 a.m. everyday, then starts working at 6 until 8 at night. After that, he has to spend at least 7 hours to reel noodles (the process before frying, which is twisting dough into around 2 or 3 mm noodles, reeling them into plates and sprinkling with sesame oil).

Huai'an Chasan is simply made of powder, sesame, slat, sugar, and sesame oil, but the key point to make good quality Chasan is how to roll and fry noodles. The golden appearance and coherent size of comb-shaped Chasan showcase Wu's years of cooking experience.

Even though it is such a tedious and time-consuming work for Wu, making Chasan is not only a tool for living, but also enriches his life. Master Wu gained the skills from his ancestor and has been preserving the traditional flavor for 39 years, so as to establish the public reputation in the neighbourhood. Because of the use of clean oil, his story was once published in Huaihai Evening. Editor:Rose

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