Kung Fu master creates online martial arts teaching platform
2017-04-13 14:36:00

Martial arts is an essential element of Chinese culture, and remains a global calling card of the country. Zhao Jilong, a Kung Fu master who started practicing martial arts from the age of five, has created an online platform to teach martial arts.

Over 30 enthusiasts around the country meet virtually in a WeChat teaching group to learn traditional Chinese Kung Fu with Zhao every Thursday evening.

The Kung Fu master’s specialty is internal power. Using his knowledge of different martial arts styles, he gradually developed his own technique, which features a mix of combat methods, kung fu, healthy living, and a practical training system.

Zhao said that Kung Fu is more of an attitude towards life for him, and people who practice Kung Fu like to rise up to challenges when encountering difficulties in life.  

As Zhao used to focus on actual combat and won many fights, he was once too cocky, and got into a lot of trouble in life. However, his experiences living abroad changed his approach, where he had to fight much bigger and taller opponents.

“I realized that there will always be someone physically stronger than you. You can't win forever. But Chinese martial arts has some kind of energy which is powerful and inclusive…Being a teacher gives me a sense of satisfaction. When I see a weak person become very healthy, and then become a strong person through learning Kung Fu, I'm happy. And that has nothing to do with earning money,” said Zhao.  

The number of students Zhao Jilong can teach through traditional teaching methods is very limited. So in 2014, his business partner proposed setting up a platform on WeChat, one of the most popular social networks in China. “Only through the Internet can more people learn and share the benefits of Kung Fu. And then it can be spread further to even more people,” said Zhao.

Source:CGTN.com Editor:Rose