Hakka community's colorful festivals
2017-02-17 11:14:00

It's an annual event in the village of Tufang in coastal Fujian province, where China's Hakka community is concentrated, and marks its unique history with a range of colorful festivals. Nearly 700 years ago, people in the area sacrificed children to ward off local demons. But a pair of now-legendary figures, Tu Dalang and Lai Balang, left their homes to establish Tufang as a new village free of the barbaric practice. They are said to have later traveled to mountains deeper in China's interior, where they learnt magic powers so they could use to slay demons, eventually returning to Tufang. To honor them, Tufang villagers bore palanquins upon which young children stood, arrayed in colourful ancient Chinese dress, along with exaggerated make-up and elaborate head-dresses.

Source:CGTN.com Editor:Rose