Drama 'Traditional Remedy' shows unique Manchu culture
2016-08-31 09:06:00

It might sound like some form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but "Traditional Remedy" is actually the name of a new dramatic play. Artists from Liaoning People's Art Theater have brought it to the stage of the ongoing 5th Minority Art Festival of China.


"Traditional Remedy" is a drama about how a Manchu doctor and local patriots in Shenyang protected centuries-old prescriptions after the "9.18 Incident" in 1931, an event staged by the Japanese army that lead to their invasion of Northeast China.




Drama 'Traditional Remedy' shows unique Manchu culture


The production team uses a lot of Manchu language and customs in the show, such as wedding customs and sacrificial ritual customs.


"To present these customs authentically, I did a lot research in local Manchu areas," said Sun Hao, playwright


The program's playbook also includes detailed explanations to help the audience better understand these customs.


"This program book is very helpful. Because I only know some of the customs in the drama, and it helps me understand those that I'm not familiar with," one audience said.


"Traditional Remedy" also displays Shenyang's rich culture. It features Pingju Opera, a local opera popular in Northeast China, and touches on bone-setting: a traditional Chinese medical treatment.


The 5th Minority Art Festival of China opened on August 16th, and will run until September 14th.

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