Edible balloons and chocolate chamber sweeten up visitors
2016-08-03 15:41:00

A pop-up museum in New York is treating visitors to sugar, ice and all things nice. The Museum of Ice Cream is the lifelong fantasy of 24-year-old co-founder Maryellis Bunn.


Bunn says it is amazing to see her childhood idea come true. The six-room experience begins with a free scoop of ice cream. In the next room, sugar helium-filled edible balloons produce giggles as the gas changes visitors’ voices into high-pitched squeaks.

The Museum of Ice Cream 


The Museum of Ice Cream


The biggest attraction is this large pool filled with 11,000 pounds of faux confetti-colored sprinkles. The Chocolate Chamber features a chocolate fountain and an immersive video on chocolate.


Elsewhere, visitors can suck on a dehydrated Miracle Berry that alters sour taste into sweet, and then test it out on an icecream with sour slices.


The show ends in TinderLand, a playground area featuring a see-saw in the shape of an ice cream scoop and an ice cream sandwich-shaped swing for two.

Source:cctv.com Editor:Rose