UK's Cavalry Mounted Regiment make preparations for President Xi's visit
2015-10-14 14:10:00

The British Army's Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment has been practicing in recent weeks as it prepares for the ceremony to welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping to the United Kingdom. 


"On the 20th of October, we have the honor, the house of the cavalry mounted regiment, to be quite a major part of the royal escort. On the day itself, some of the finest regiments in the British Army will be on display. Essentially, it is a real honor for us to be able to welcome the president in this way and hopefully he will appreciate the effort that the soldiers and men will have gone to. It is a lot of preparation that goes into these events," said Captain James Harbord, Hyde Park Barracks.


The soldiers in the regiment began their preparations over a month ago, when they started bringing the horses back to London for a six-week program to steadily build them up until the parade.


Approximately 90 horses will be in the escort. It is also the first time that mounted bands will be used in a state visit. The cavalry regiment is tasked primarily with ceremonial duties and is classed as a regiment of guards. It carries out ceremonial duties only on state and royal occasions. Editor:Rose