Sculpture of Giant Panda resident during WWII
2015-10-26 13:49:00

In another nod to China-U.K. exchange, we remember a Giant Panda whose name means 'Bright'. 'Ming' was a symbol of hope for Londoners during World-War-Two and now, a statue of her has been installed at London Zoo. It's a tribute to the 70th Anniversary of victory against fascism as well as a symbol of enduring friendship between Britain and China.


Though far from her native Sichuan, Ming made herself at home at London Zoo. She even enjoyed having her tummy tickled by the Royal princess!


She had come there in 1938 after being captured by hunters and eventually transported to London by an American banker turned adventurer.


Ming's presence brought much needed joy to Londoners, particularly children, during the dark days of the German bombing campaign of World War two. And she was such a big star that her death at the end of 1944 was announced in 'The Times' newspaper.


The sculpture, donated by China to the London Zoo during Chinese President Xi Jinping's current visit to the UK, has been installed in front of what used to be the nursing center devoted to Ming. It was unveiled Wednesday.


Seventy years after World-War-Two's conclusion, this renewed tribute to Ming is another reason for Londoners to celebrate Britain's ties with China. Editor:Rose