China buzz: 'David' made out of tiny wooden sticks
2015-09-15 15:12:00

"David" made out of tiny wooden sticks


The famous "David" as you've never seen him. This three-dimensional portrait of Michelangelo's David was created using only tiny wooden sticks. The Chinese artist spent two and a half months and used 87,000 wooden sticks to create the piece with the help of a friend. He says he first began experimenting with strange objects in his work two years ago using anything from beans to nails, buttons and cotton buds.





66-year-old pole dancer: "I've never felt better"


Meet Zhang Xida, 66 years old and an active pole dancer. The man from Sichuan picked up the new hobby two years ago. Since then, he says his health has dramatically improved, and that he's able of pulling off moves most people half his age can't. He says pole dancing has enriched his life and made him a happy man.


When thieves think they're invisible


In Jiangsu province, one man was neither happy nor enriched after being caught red-handed stealing from a hospital cash register. He snatched 10,000 yuan while waiting for his doctor's appointment and then expressed shock after being caught, confessing to police he thought he was invisible at the time of the theft. Maybe it was time for him to see a doctor. Internet users reacted with amazement, expressing relief the incident took place in a hospital and not a woman's bathroom. Editor:Rose