More evidence released documenting the scale of Nanjing Massacre
2014-12-10 10:45:00


China's State Archives Administration has released more evidence on its website documenting the scale of the Nanjing Massacre.

The video, together with scripts and pictures, is the third in a seven-part series being released daily that will reveal Japanese troops’ crimes against humanity during the invasion period. And Tuesday’s release focuses on the evidence filed by the people in Nanjing’s international safe zone at the time.

The 17-minute video showcasing the tortures of Nanjing people by Japanese soldiers was filmed by John Magee, a then 53-year-old US missionary who risked his life to record history.

Nanjing was China’s capital in 1937, and the Japanese army’s invasion at the time inflicted a ruthless massacre and inhumane treatment on its people. Dead bodies could be seen everywhere, from ponds to farmland.

As Magee put in, thousands of civilians were carried to river banks, and other vacant spaces, and were killed by machine-guns, bayonets, rifles, and even hand-grenades.

A 19-year-old woman also appeared on the missionary’s video. Li Xiuying was bayoneted after resisting a rape by Japanese soldiers. She was found with about 30 wounds all over the body. Li had been pregnant with her first baby.

Magee appeared in court, as an eyewitness, in 1946, when Japanese war criminals were tried by the Far East International Military Tribunal.

And his documentary served as weighty evidence a year later, when the war criminals were put on trial by the Nanjing Military Court.

Also among the newly-released evidence is a diary kept by Ms. Cheng Ruifang, known as the “Chinese Anne Frank."

The diary, the only Chinese journal that documented the whole atrocity, spans from November 1937 to March 1938.

It depicts stories of what Cheng saw, heard, and thought about the violence committed by the Japanese soldiers.

The new release also includes a statement by US missionary Searle Bates at Nanjing military court in February, 1947.

He explains in detail the atrocities performed by the Japanese, such as the killing and rape, and reiterated that everything was very real. Editor:Hiram