Winter sports are becoming increasingly popular in northeast China for the New Year celebration , at a time when millions of Chinese head home for a reunion with their families and friends .[Detail]
The 2018 Datong Lantern Fair is attracting numerous visitors as the whole country celebrates the Spring Festival . The event was held on the city walls , which spans 7 kilometers .[Detail]
As the Chinese people enjoy dumplings feast for the Spring Festival , twin polar bears also took part in the tradition .[Detail]
With a 3000 - year history and a long-standing culture built around life on the water , Wuxi is not just famous for its gourmet delicacies .[Detail]
The " Mud Street Party " is among the most democratic of the thousands of booze-filled carnival parties in Brazil . The event ' s origins can be traced back some 30 years , when local fishermen smeared their bodies in mud to keep mosquitoes at bay .[Detail]
The Brits are anation of dog lovers soas they celebrate the Chinese New Year of The Dog , CGTN met up with London ' s first and only dog yoga instructor .[Detail]
The Democratic People ' s Republic of Korea ( DPRK ) ' s high-level delegation left the Republic of Korea ( ROK ) to return home on Sunday , Yonhap reports .[Detail]
Giant Spring Festival couplets , 9 meters long and 1.2 meters wide , were hung up on eight ancient city gates in Suzhou of Jiangsu province , Feb . 10 , adding festival mood to the city .[Detail]
, a lavish Chinese dance drama performed by the Wuxi Song and Dance Troupe , will be staged in England from Mar 25 to Apr 11 , 2018 after being invited by the Ms-L Performing Arts Exchange . [ Photo/WeChat account : wxsgwjyjsmzwjy ].[Detail]
The craze of eating crunchy ice has taken over the Chinese Internet . Thousands of netizens have posted videos of their devouring colorful icy shapes .[Detail]
At least eight people were killed after a road collapsed in Foshan City in south China ' s Guangdong Province on Wednesday night , Xinhua reported .[Detail]
The ancient city of Huizhou in Shexian county , east China , decorated its ramparts with thousands of red lanterns on Tuesday to celebrate the Chinese New Year . Red lanterns symbolize hope and good luck in China .[Detail]
Floating vehicles zooming seemingly unhindered by gravitybetween skyscrapers used to be in the exclusive realm of science fiction .[Detail]
The 140 - member art troupe from the Democratic People ’ s Republic of Korea ( DPRK ) arrived in the Republic of Korea ( ROK ) on Tuesday afternoon via ferry ahead of the upcoming PyeongChang Winter Olympics .[Detail]
A 6.5 - magnitude earthquake jolted waters near Hualien County of Taiwan at 11:50 p . m .[Detail]