Children at an orphanage in Anhui Province were happy to put on clothes sent by volunteers from the charity organization From Compassion To Action ( FCTA ) during the Spring Festival , although they have not met face to face .[Detail]
The tragedy of the bus that plunged into the Yangtze River in Chongqing Municipality last Sunday was caused by a fight between the driver and a passenger , the Wanzhou District Bureau of Chongqing Public Security Bureau told media on Friday .[Detail]
Expats join locals to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival on Sept.Government officials such as Mi Junchu , deputy secretary general of the Wuxi municipal government , and Cai Wenyi , deputy head of the Wuxi publicity department , attended the launching ceremony and sent festival wishes to one and all .[Detail]
Belt and Road opens new path for people-to-people exchanges[Detail]
Relations between China and Africa are developing fast , and their close cooperation is bridging their geographical and cultural gaps .[Detail]
Liqiu , or the Start of Autumn , the 13th of the 24 solar terms on the Chinese lunar calendar , falls on Aug . 7 this year .[Detail]
World Breastfeeding Week is a global initiative that runs an.jpg
However , only 40 percent of children under six months old are exclusively breastfed globally .[Detail]
Night to catch a flight to Singapore . The video shows Taqaddas pinning the blame on the official for making her miss her flight .[Detail]
The Chinese answer to the Edinburgh Arts Festival , the Wuzhen Theater Festival , is back this October . The annual international extravaganza , which takes place in the historic water town in east China ' s Zhejiang Province .[Detail]
Dai Dali , 72 years old , often gets recognized in the streets of southwest China ' s Chengdu city .In 2012 , she became an overnight sensation for performing pole dances on the show ." People should live with an uplifted spirit , " says Dai . " Never stop chasing your dreams at any age . ".[Detail]
Join CGTN to watch an ancient shadow puppetry show at the Wushan Museum .[Detail]
When mentioning the Peking Opera , a few key words come to mind for most Chinese : national quintessence , traditional culture , dazzling costumes and makeup .Some may even be able to hum a few lines or talk about their favorite artists , but for most people , it remains a classic art form that stays distant from everyday life ." Wang said during a lecture . “ I hope the public realizes one day that the Peking Opera is very attractive . ”.[Detail]
A resident ( left ) of Hetaoba village , Meitan county , Guizhou province , teaches people from a nearby village how to pick tea . [ Photo/Xinhua ] The fragrance of fresh tea fills the air on the streets of Hetaoba , a village in Meitan county .While this is an unusual season for picking in most tea-cultivation areas , the favorable weather conditions in Hetaoba allow three harvests every year , so the villagers are busy with their " summer tea " collection .The beautiful tea fields and the clean environment will all work to Hetaoba ' s advantage in the future .[Detail]
Among various types of papers , Xuan paper , also known as rice paper , holds an importance place as massive ancient documents and artworks might not have survived till today if not for the paper .And most of them are made by Xuan paper . ‘ Paper of Ages ’ So why did Xuan paper become such a hit with literati and artists ? The answer might lie in its origin .[Detail]
He has gone into the record books at least 750 times in the 35 years , with 225 of them still standing .[Detail]