CGTN ' s Elaine Reyes spoke with Nicki Viall , a researcher at the US space agency NASA , about the total solar eclipse that would be visible on August.[Detail]
The world ' s first panda-shaped solar station has begun operating at full capacity in the city of Datong in northern China ' s Shanxi Province . The Panda Green Energy Group began building this solar plant in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program in.[Detail]
With no mention of " reflection " on Japan ' s wartime atrocities .Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ' s statement during a commemorative ceremony on the 72nd anniversary of Japan ' s defeat in World War II on Tuesday once again upset its neighbors and victims who suffered barbaric treatment and aggression in the hands of Japanese invaders .Only by facing up to the past can Japan obtain a long-term peaceful future with its neighbors .[Detail]
China is by far the world ’ s largest car market , with ownership reaching more than 170 million .[Detail]
Several members of its production team fell victim to online attacks by Japanese right-wing nationalists .[Detail]
112 Chinese tourists stranded because of heavy flooding in the southern Chitwan district of Nepal have been safely rescued .[Detail]
At least 13 people were crushed to death Tuesday when a 200 - year-old oak tree fell during a religious festival on the Portuguese island of Madeira .[Detail]
Victims of sex crimes committed by Japan during the Second World War . A documentary telling the stories of 22 victims in China hit the big screen Sunday . Director Guo Ke set out to find and document the stories of these elderly women in their 80s and 90s .[Detail]
Everybody has imagination , but just a lot of people don ’ t have the habit of putting their imagination down on paper , ” revealed Hao Jingfang , the winner of the 2016 Hugo Award – science fiction ’ s most prestigious award – on CGTN&apos .[Detail]
Off the grid : Tokyo resident Tomoko Fujii lives a zero energy lifestyle and hasn ' t had an electricity bill for five years.[Detail]
East China ’ s Jiangsu province has stepped up its efforts since the start of this year for the eco-friendly use of crop stubbles to find more solutions to the treatment of the straws and stubbles and help the farmers and enterprises concerned to cut costs and increase efficiency .[Detail]
Can a splash of gray pavement paint help urban residents combat scorching summer heat ?Still , " the city of Los Angeles is taking the right approach in installing and assessing several cool pavement test sections before committing to widespread adoption , " he said .[Detail]
S largest floating solar power plants , covering an area of 28 hectares on a lake , has been put into operation in the city of Hangzhou in eastern China&apos .[Detail]
About 80000 participants have taken to Sydney ' s streets for the annual City2Surf for charity on Sunday . The 14 - kilometer route from the city center through to Bondi Beach was set in 1971 , with just over 1500 people competing .[Detail]
The cinematographer said online that a lack of pigmentation causes skin problems for the mammals in the hot African sun .[Detail]