The ancient Chinese tradition of dragon boat racing took place at Jinji Lake in Suzhou , East China ' s Jiangsu province , on June.It has become one of the most iconic festival events held at the Suzhou Industrial Park .[Detail]
A key , national-level laboratory was set up on Tuesday in China ' s Giant Panda National Park to enhance research on the protection of the area ' s rare animals .[Detail]
Dozens of elementary students took part in this year&apos .S four major traditional festivals , alongside Spring Festival , Qingming Festival , and Mid-Autumn Festival . The traditions date back thousands of years , carefully passed down from one generation to the next .[Detail]
Canadian, American and Mexican soccer fans reacted to getting the World Cup 2026 bid.[Detail]
Chinese telecommunications giant ZTE has announced it is applying for a 30 - billion-yuan ( 4.7 billion US dollars ) credit line from the Bank of China , and another six billion US dollars in credit from China Development Bank .[Detail]
While Zhang thinks that " Su Embroidery will develop better with innovations , " he believes the underlying tradition of Su Embroidery from the past 2000 years will stay the same .[Detail]
US President Donald Trump and Democratic People ’ s Republic of Korea ( DPRK ) leader Kim Jong Un signed an " important " and " comprehensive " document that is said to underscore the progress they made Tuesday in Singapore .[Detail]
After decades of tension and fear of war on the Korean Peninsula , a peaceful solution may finally be possible , and China is part of that process ." According to international laws , all parties involved in the agreement should once again be involved in that process , " Lyu concluded .[Detail]
A Chinese-built dredging vessel , the largest of its kind in Asia , departed a port in east China ' s Jiangsu Province Friday afternoon for its first sea trial .[Detail]
The final of 2018 " Love in Wuxi " Chinese Speech Contest for Foreigners took place in Wuxi , East China ' s Jiangsu province , on June.He has lived in Wuxi for six years , and says that Wuxi is his favorite city among the 300 cities he has been to . [ Photo by Xue Xinyi/chinadaily . com . cn ].[Detail]
A local saying goes : " Atoning for your preexistence , your life in Huizhou is hard .Resting on his laurels by no means , he inherited the Hui Ink making methods .[Detail]
This is the kind of question Victoria Khu often gets asked due to her unique identity of being a Russian-born Chinese .Victoria Khu ( fifth from left ) professes a strong faith in the Shanghai Spirit – the founding principles of the SCO – which comprises universal values such as mutual trust , mutual benefit , equality , consultation , respect for cultural diversity .And pursuit of common development . / Photo via Victoria Khu.[Detail]
CGTN also found that many adults below the age of 40 say they still like to celebrate Children ’ s Day because celebrating the day can help them to release daily working pressure and be true to themselves .[Detail]
“ We use this to cut watermelon , ” says 25 - year-old Wang Haiqiang as he flaunts a pair of Wolverine ’ s retractable claws .He ’ s an engineer with a DIY science and technology lab called Makerbeta based in Xi ’ an City , northwest China ’ s Shaanxi Province .“ It ’ s about living the dream , ” added Tian .[Detail]
Did you know what these delicate works are made of ?In addition to making fondant cakes , Zhou now has his own company researching and selling fondant materials and tools .He does all this because he has been " trying not to disappoint the industry , nor myself . ”.[Detail]