The whale shark was too heavy to shift , so they had to hollow out the sand below it with their bare hands , allowing the shark to drift back to the ocean with the help of the waves .[Detail]
Chinese J-10B fighter jet pilots have been busy training for the upcoming International Army Games ( IAG ) .[Detail]
The gift shop is an inevitable feature of almost all tourist attractions , but one of Beijing ’ s top sites has one that really stands out , for both the quirkiness of its products and its financial success .[Detail]
Shadow puppetry , also known as Piying , is one of the oldest traditional handicrafts and performing arts in the world .It is an ancient form which uses flat figures to create the impression of humans and objects .The Liu family says they are optimistic to promote the art form in the region , and outside it .[Detail]
A man felt so depressed when he found his card out of money that he burnt an ATM in Yichang, central China's Hubei Province recently.[Detail]
China ' s e-commerce giant Alibaba Group chose Detroit , Michigan to stage its inaugural two-day Gateway ' 17 Summit .We are helping American small businesses sell their high-quality products to China . We are happy to help farmers in Michigan to sell their fruits and vegetables to Asia . ".[Detail]
The Sixth Hongyan Culture and Arts Festival kicked off at Bayin Wulan Township , Urat Middle Banner , in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Monday .[Detail]
An amateur video shows a baby monkey rescued by a local resident and forestry bureau officers in east China . The poor little monkey was found in despair , jumping along the side of the road , confused and lost .[Detail]
In Spain , hate crime has increased dramatically over the last year .[Detail]
The implementation of " One Country , Two Systems " in Hong Kong has been successful over the past 20 years , said Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor , chief executive-elect of China ' s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ( SAR ) .[Detail]
Japan ’ s largest girl idol group AKB 48 has held its 9th annual election .[Detail]
South Korea ' s first female Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha has taken the oath of office , emphasizing the importance of strengthening relations with China , Japan and Russia .[Detail]
Tianchi Lake , located inside a volcanic crater in Northeast China ' s Changbai mountain range , continued to thaw rapidly on Saturday , with ice sheets and icicles widely seen on its surface .[Detail]
P ère David ' s deer , also called milu , have begun fighting for supremacy as the annual mating season gets underway inDafeng National Reserve , East China ' s Jiangsu Province . The breeding season usually starts in late May or early June .[Detail]
You must have seen the square dancing , whip crack and other special Chinese entertainment activities , but have you ever tried them by yourself ? In order to explore the mystery of these activities .[Detail]