Tradition . Exquisiteness . Craftsmanship . These are the three elements of Su embroidery .The mother and son said they want more people to share their passion for this ancient art , and making it more accessible to more people might just be one of the ways to keep it alive .[Detail]
A monkey named Riki has been showcasing his tennis skills with a customized racket in Japan. [Detail]
South Africa’s top court is expected to rule on whether a vote of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma can be conducted via a secret ballot. [Detail]
An international culture festival kicked off in Nanjing Xiaozhuang University on the morning of April 18 , attracting lots of visitors .[Detail]
The Belt and Road Initiative is a national strategy for China . While it is supported by the public sector and state-owned companies .[Detail]
US Vice President Mike Pence reassured Japan of the US ' s commitment to reining in DPRK ' s nuclear and missile ambitions on Tuesday , after warning that US strikes in Syria and Afghanistan showed the strength of its resolve .[Detail]
As China ' s economy continues to grow , the country has sought to attract skilled foreign nationals to contribute to the country ' s development , and more than 900000 foreigners were legally employed to work in the Chinese mainland last year . ?.[Detail]
Wu Fengshun is a Chasan successor in Huai'an.[Detail]
Each time Nolan planted a kiss on the window , the loving chimpanzee returned the favor , with the boy ' s mom Angela saying “ she thinks you ’ re her boyfriend now . ”.[Detail]
According to the company , dark chocolate is the most sought after , though milk and white chocolate can also be printed .[Detail]
Russia ' s FSB security service said it had detained a suspected organizer of the St . Petersburg metro bombing that killed 14 people .[Detail]
China ' s first cargo spacecraft , Tianzhou-1 , is now being lifted onto the launch pad on a Long March-7 rocket at Wenchang Space Launch Center in south China ' s Hainan Province . It will be launched between April 20 and.[Detail]
A Long March-7 Y2 carrier rocket was transferred to the launch pad at Wenchang Satellite Launch Center in south China ' s Hainan Province on Monday morning , ready for the launch of Tianzhou-1 .After that , China is expected to start the final phase of the program – to establish its own space station around.[Detail]
An investigation by China Central Television ( CCTV ) has found popular Chinese news app Toutiao to be a hideout for pornographic livestreams , as law-enforcement authorities target this fast-growing but under-regulated media .[Detail]
As of 1:30 p . m . local time , at least 13 people were killed and another six were injured after a 19 - seat bus overturned and fell into a river in southwest China ' s Guizhou Province on Monday morning , the Beijing News reported .[Detail]