'Amazing China' passes 300 mln yuan box office
2018-03-19 12:01:00

Amazing China, a 90-minute documentary recording China's achievements over the last five years, had raked in over 300 million yuan ($47 million) at the box office on the Chinese mainland as of Friday.

Released on March 2, it is now the highest grossing Chinese documentary. The film became the country's top documentary on March 8.

Produced and released by the China Central Television and the China Film Group Corporation, the film shows major developments since 2012, including the world's largest radio telescope FAST, the world's largest maritime drilling rig Blue Whale 2, and the development of 5G mobile technology.

Rated 9.6 by viewers on Maoyan, a major Chinese film database and ticketing platform, the film's box office is expected to exceed 445 million yuan.

Source:China Daily Editor:Dylan