Shanghai metro to introduce QR code payment by early 2018
2017-12-07 15:51:00

QR code payment will be available across the whole subway network in Shanghai by early 2018, according to a report from

Shanghai began to pilot QR code payment for its maglev train service on Oct 30, and this technology is planned to be expanded to all the 17 metro lines in the city by early 2018.

Through “Metro Metropolis", an app developed by the Shanghai subway, passengers will be able to pay for their tickets via Alipay by scanning the QR code at the entrance and exit.

Unlike traditional online payment, this technology can still function when there is no wireless signal on users’ mobile phones or no money on their Alipay accounts as delayed payment is acceptable.

Other technologies, such as facial recognition, voice recognition and Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System, are also expected to be integrated with the city’s metro system in the near future.

Compared with traditional fare gates, the new ones have an additional screen, which allows people to travel by scanning their faces, which only takes a few seconds. In this way, Shanghai residents will be able to take the subway by scanning transportation cards, QR codes, or their faces.

Voice recognition technology enables people to book metro tickets by saying their destinations to smart ticket machines. Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System also will be installed to improve traffic regulation in the metro system.

Source:China Daily Editor:Nicky