Websites release report on singles' dating needs
2017-11-11 11:24:00

A human resources website along with an online matchmaking platform released a report on single professionals' dating needs Thursday, showing "programmer" is the job which has the highest rate of singles in China.

The report was published online by, one of China's leading recruitment websites, and, an online dating platform. It conducted an online sample survey and received a total of 12,102 effective samples.

According to the report, 27 percent of single professionals would leave the first-tier cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, for their hometowns due to staying single for a long time. And five percent are willing to give up love to stay in major cities.

The report indicated busier jobs can influence marriage and love status. The top three jobs having highest singles rates are technician, financial staff and sales positions, jobs with little leisure time in the public's eyes.

The data also showed almost 64 percent of professionals think their marriage and love status would matter when finding jobs.

What the interviewers were interested in hearing from interviewees most included their reasons for being single, when they would want to get married and basic information of their ideal matches, the survey said.

Source:China Daily Editor:Nicky