China's leading social platforms respond to investigations with deep regrets and further enhancements
2017-08-13 11:19:00

China's three top social media platforms said they felt "deep regret" and would "fully cooperate with the investigation" and "take active rectification and reform", following Friday's government probe into their cyber-security violation.

With users on these three platforms "spreading violence, terror, false rumors, pornography and other hazards to national security, public safety and social order", Baidu's forum site Tieba, Tencent's WeChat and Sina's Weibo were suspected in breach of cyber-security law, failing to fulfill their responsibility to censor illegal contents posted by their users, said the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC).

Baidu Tieba first responded to the investigation result on Friday, expressing its deep regret and willingness to actively cooperate with government departments to rectify the problem, saying it would also strengthen its auditing intensity to keep illegal and harmful information out.

Source:CGTN Editor:Hiram