Organic fish from Poyang lake to open home market
2017-07-16 01:02:00

Located in the north of Jiangxi province, Poyang Lake is crowned as the largest freshwater lake in China.

Poyang Lake is rich in biological resources. It has over 90 kinds of fishes,102 types of aquatic plant, over 280 types of bird. Its water quality is ranked as first class, directly drinkable after just some simple processing. It is the source of drink water for the 1.6 million residents here. Poyang No.1 Organic Fish is the strategic brand of Poyang Lake, for these wild fishes live on creatures in the lake rather than man-made feed. Comparing with organic fishes of other places, Poyang No.1 Organic Fish is more tasty and tender.

It got the organic food certification in 2005. According to Hu Zhengkui, national general agent of Poyang No.1 Organic Fish, this brand has been brought to Guangdong and will soon be on shelves in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Tianjin and Nanjing by the end of this year.It is because of Hu's efforts to open the domestic market for the organic fish brand that local people call him "Fish King Hu".

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