Shangrao on track of smart taxation service system
2017-07-13 22:09:00

A media group of over 70 members across the country witnessed the newly-developed smart taxation service system in Shangrao of Jiangxi province, July 13.

As a big achievement of "Internet plus", the new system saves much time for both tax officers and customers. It is said to have all the basic functions of a regular tax counter, including tax declaration, invoicing, and certification. Tax payers don't have to line in the tax declaration hall, but to do this on the Internet and just mailed the bill directly to their office without even stepping into the bureau.

The self-invented demonstration system enables any beginner to learn how to use and what documents to prepare. "It's not difficult at all. I just followed the operation instructions to go through the whole procedure for once, and now I handle all my invoicing business via self-service machine," said Mr. Li.

So far, 125 computers and 62 self-service machines have been additionally applied in the new system. More and more citizens are benefiting from the convenient system.

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