High schools falsify students’ college applications for publicity
2017-07-12 09:19:00


High-scoring students in several provinces in China have been forced to apply for a top medical institute as their enrollment in such a prestigious institution can raise the high schools’ publicity.

According to a report by the Global Times on July 9, some high schools in central and southeastern China have allegedly forced high achievers in the National Higher Education Entrance Examination (gaokao) to apply for Peking University Health Science Center, one of the top medical schools in China, in an effort to enhance their own prestige.

“The reputation of Peking University is very important for our school. Students would fail to show their support if they don’t apply for the Peking University Health Science Center,” an anonymous high school principal told the Global Times.

According to the report, the principal obtained the usernames and passwords of high-scoring students to fill out their application forms in the online application system without their approval.

Such incidents have happened nationwide. According to a university staff member who is in charge of student enrollment, a local high school forced over 20 high-scoring students to apply for the Peking University Health Science Center in 2016. The school even detained a student for six hours in an effort to persuade him to give up his own choice of schools.

The incident quickly went viral online, stirring up a heated public debate. Official media outlets, including Xinhua News Agency and China Youth Daily, have condemned the practice, calling it a violation of freedom.

“The reason why those high-scoring students were forced to apply for the health science center is that the institute is affiliated with Peking University, one of China’s most prestigious universities. High schools are rewarded by local educational authorities based on the number of their students enrolled in such schools,” an expert told the Global Times, adding that a high school will attract more top-notch students if its graduates land place at one of China’s best universities.

“In China, most high-scoring students don’t want to study medicine, thus the admission requirement for medical students is relatively low. If you want to be accepted by Peking University, attending the health science center might be a shortcut,” said an anonymous student from the center.

The Peking University Health Science Center could not be reached for comment and educational authorities have not released any official response.

Source:Xinhua Editor:Angela