The heaviest woman in China
2015-11-11 15:52:00

The heaviest woman in China

Doctor takes Qianqian's blood sample. ( Yi)

When 31-year-old Qianqian stands on the scales (with the help of nurses) the number on the scale soars to 244 kilograms, exceeding the previous national record holder’s 225 kilograms, making her the heaviest woman in China.

Qianqian made the decision of losing weight through surgical procedures in the middle of October this year. She had always been the fattest among her friends ever since she was little. In elementary school, Qianqian was already 15 kilograms heavier than average children. She reached 95 kilograms in junior high, and then 149 kilograms in college.

“I never felt full, I always ate until I could not eat anymore.” Qianqian says she can drink two cases of beers and eat at least 100 skewers of barbecue in a sitting. According to Qianqian, she can also eat 1 kilogram of ribs.

Because of a lack of confidence in her appearance, Qianqian has stayed home for 6 years. Recently Qianqian’s health has deteriorated as her weight has increased. Doctors have found Qianqian’s cardio-pulmonary function to be in very poor condition, with surgery needed as soon as possible.

Qianqian had the surgery on Nov. 4, 2015. The 11-hour procedure went very successfully. According to the doctor, Qianqian is expected to lose 1.5 to 2 kilograms each week, and hopefully to lose 50 kilograms in a year.

Source:People's daily online Editor:Jennifer